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GROUP NAME NAME OF ORGANIZERS E-MAIL ADDRESS DATE OF VISIT TIME OF VISIT GROUP TYPE (AGE, PUPILS, STUDENTS, SENIORS…) NUMBER OF VISITORS PAYMENT METHOD VAT INVOICE (YES/NO) VAT INVOICE DETAILS (NAME OF INSTITUTION / SCHOOL, ADDRESS, VAT NUMBER) GUIDED TOUR yesno GUIDED TOUR OUTSIDE THE MUSEUM yesno CONTACT PERSON / TELEPHONE NUMBER PERSONAL DATA PROCESSING Pursuant to the provisions of the General Data Protection Act and data collection and processing regulations needed for this inquiry. Having regard to the above, I DECLARE TO ALLOW THE USE OF PERSONAL DATA by the processing authority, authorizing the Betina Museum of Wooden Shipbuilding to use my personal data for the purpose of answering a query, given in this application and access it accordingly. In the case of the...

Palm Sunday in Betina

Palm Sunday, or locally, Cvitnica, is a custom where Christians throughout the world are celebrating Jesus’s coming to Jerusalem. It’s celebrated on the last Sunday before Easter and the Holy Week. Townspeople from Betina are celebrating it too. Before the Sunday it’s important to cutt down the right olive branches so they can be decorated as a palm. It’s never easy to select the proper branches between different types of olives in the groves. There is a local type of olive – duška, with long leaves easy to knit in palms. There are two different palms that can be made in Betina – a male one and a female palm. A male palm is made out of a single branch, while the female palm is more…


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Muzej MBDB svečano je otvoren 14. kolovoza 2015. godine. Stalni postav i zgradu Muzeja financirali su Ministarstvo kulture Republike Hrvatske, Ministarstvo turizma Republike Hrvatske i Općina Tisno. NARUČITELJ PROJEKTA Općina Tisno VODITELJ PROJEKTA Ivan Klarin ARHITEKTONSKI PROJEKT Tomislav Krajina, dipl. ing. arh. / Situs d.o.o. MUZEOLOŠKA KONCEPCIJA doc. dr. se. Jadran Kale.dipl. etnol., voditelj tima Kate Šikić Čubrić, mag. etnol. prof. Marija Krnčević Rak, dipl. etnol. /Muzej Grada Šibenika ing. Đenko Šandrić / Udruga betinska gajeta 1740. PROJEKT LIKOVNOG POSTAVA I UREĐENJA INTERIJERA Marko Barišić, dipl. ing. graf. dizajna Jelena Devčić, dipl. novinar / Kocka d.o.o. I SURADNICI: Milena Milovanović, dipl. ing. arh. Danijel Čogelja, dipl. ing. grad. / Arhikon d.o.o. GRAĐEVINSKI NADZOR Damir Lasinović, dipl. ing. arh. / ARX d.o.o. KOORDINATOR PROJEKTA Marko Barišić,…

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